Everyone is obsessed with happiness; just take a look at Instagram and Facebook. And when it comes to finding happiness, everyone just peddles the usual cookie cutter BS – find someone you love, something you love, passion, blah blah and all of that.

Now, I’m not saying that that’s wrong advice. But what I am saying is that there is another method that isn’t really discussed, and that’s the method I’m recommending today. It works particularly well in this superficial society of ours.

Are you ready for this unique method? Here it is…. Become more attractive.

That’s right, become more attractive. Attractive people have happier lives than most. People gravitate toward you more. You benefit from the ‘halo’ effect. You achieve more in life. Deep down, most people know this; they just can’t accept it.

But I’ve experienced it first-hand. You see, I wasn’t a bad looking kid except for one thing… my crooked teeth. Once I got that fixed through braces, my life became infinitely better. This is my story.

The Orthodontist as a Life Changer; How Braces Made Me Happier

Am I shallow? I supposed I am. But we are all animals deep down, and in animals, you can live or die by your looks. So it goes in the human world, but most of us suppress that fact. I was mercilessly teased as a kid; even my good friends called me ‘The Grill’, a reference to my messed up canines. You’re right, it wasn’t a bad nickname, but those were supposedly my friends. Those who weren’t my friends or were downright enemies were far worse.

There’s one incident in particular that stands out for me. It’s when I got into a fist fight at school, which was not an uncommon occurrence back in the day (this was before those ridiculous zero tolerance policies which would have undoubtedly gotten me expelled). Anyway, to cut a long story short, I got a tooth knocked out by a sucker punch.

When we all got sent to the principal’s office, he assessed the damage dealt out, and by all objective accounts I got the worst of it. I lost a tooth, an adult tooth, after all! But that insensitive asshole, instead of sympathizing, cracked a joke at my expense, saying that the missing tooth actually improved my visage. Of course, if that had happened today, I could have easily gotten him fired by complaining on social media.

The Fateful Visit to the Orthodontic Centre

Anyway, here’s the visit that literally brought back a smile to my face and sunshine to my life. After getting my tooth knocked out and the totally inappropriate reaction by the principal, my parents finally decided that I should get braces. To be honest, I think it was the missing tooth that did it, not the principal’s reaction.

But I digress. My parents took me to what was probably the most qualified orthodontist in Birmingham, where I was suitably impressed by both their professionalism and attention to customer service. After an initial consultation, they determined that because my mouth was too small to accommodate all my teeth, they would need to take out four teeth. Apparently this is quite normal. Of course in my case they only had to take out three…. Every cloud has a silver lining, I guess.

Anyway, I had to bear the nickname metal mouth for about two and a half years. Those years were by no means pleasant; but they were totally worth the sacrifice. Here’s how having nice straight teeth made my life better.

My Orthodontist Got Me Laid

Well, not directly of course. But once I flashed my pearly whites at the ladies, they absolutely could not resist. And in the age of online dating, pictures are everything. And you have to smile in photos or people will think you’re a weirdo. And weirdos most definitely do not get laid.

The Braces Paid For Themselves through a Job

A winning smile wins your career. Listen, I’m in the sales line… do you think I would have been an effective salesman if people couldn’t stand to look at my teeth? Hell no! For all the commissions and money I’ve made, the cosmetic dentistry procedure I went through paid for itself a thousand times over.

Pour Conclure

Aesthetics help you win at life. That’s a little acknowledged fact. And orthodontics improves your aesthetics. By transitive property, orthodontics improves your life. Period.

The Las Vegas massacre. The Texas church slaughter. Just a couple of the tragedies that have befallen our great nation in the past few months. Is this a gun control issue? Partially. But let’s be real it’s a mental health issue at its core. And our lame duck politicians have been all talk but no action when it comes to addressing the mental health crisis in our nation today.

And just like the obesity crisis, because the nation as a whole is unwilling to act, we as individuals must take our own mental healthcare into our own hands and brains. Here’s how you can do so using one method that’s worked really well for me: hypnotherapy.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health is very important. This is because the mind is the one that controls almost all the other aspects of the body. With poor mental health it will not be possible to be optimally productive even physically. If you have poor mental health you will most likely be unable to focus properly in everything else you do. This will result in being unable to accomplish most of the things you would like to accomplish.

Furthermore, if you have poor mental health you will be prone to developing other health conditions. This will further lower your ability to do different things and your life will be less happy. But if you properly take care of your mental health you will be able to lead a happier life and you will also be more productive.

One of the most effective ways of taking care of your mental health is through hypnotherapy. You just need to get a competent hypnotherapist who will provide you with the necessary guidance. Here are the primary ways that hypnotherapy can help you take care of your mental health. If you do some hypnotherapy reading, you will see that it’s a great method for individuals that should be implemented nationwide.

Relieving Stress

One of the primary things that can negatively affect your mental health is being stressed. This is because you will keep worrying about different things and this will prevent your brain from functioning properly. Through hypnotherapy you will block the worrying thoughts and your mind will be relaxed. In fact, it will be as if you are cleaning your mind for you will be able to stay away from the thoughts that might be stressing you. This will ensure that your mind is functioning properly and will even enhance your levels of happiness.

Getting Better Sleep

When you have improved mental health you will be able to sleep properly. This is attributed to the fact that your brain is the one that directly affects how well you sleep. When you are thinking about different things you will suffer from conditions such as insomnia which will prevent you from sleeping properly.

When you do not sleep properly you will be fatigued during the day and this will significantly affect your productivity. Hypnotherapy has the ability to relax your mind and in turn you will be able to sleep properly. When you are asleep your mind will be relaxed and this will enhance your mental health and you will always be fresh when you wake up.

Eliminating Anxiety

When you are anxious your mind will not be able to function properly. This is because when you are anxious you keep on getting worried about small things some of which will not happen. If you are anxious you will find that you are unable to even eat properly and this will in turn affect your physical health. Hypnotherapy done by a competent hypnotherapist will be able to reduce or eliminate the anxiety. This will in turn allow your body and your brain to function properly consequently improving your mental health.

Improving Memory

People with poor mental health usually start forgetting things which they were not forgetting in the past. If you find that you are forgetting minor details that you were not forgetting in the past there is a high likely hood that your mental health is deteriorating. May be you might not notice that you are forgetting some things but the people who are close to you will notice.

Hypnotherapy can help a lot in improving your memory and in turn improve your mental health. This is because the thought that might be making your forget things will be removed from your mind. There is a high likelihood that you are forgetting some things because of overloading your mind. When some of the thoughts in your mind are removed your brain becomes fresh and as a result you are able to improve your memory and your entire mental health.

Being More Focused

There are times when one needs to be as focused as possible. This is especially while doing things such as studying, driving and working in places where total focus is required. If you have poor mental health you will find that you are unable to focus for a prolonged period of time. This is because other thought will keep on crossing your mind and this will keep on distracting you.

Hypnotherapy can effectively increase your focus provided it is done by a qualified hypnotherapist. You just need to follow the necessary guidelines and ensure that you avoid thoughts that might be distracting your mind. This will improve your focus and as a result improve your mental health. Therefore, it is important to always take care of your mental health and you can achieve this through hypnotherapy.

Weight management is one of the greatest challenges faced by the modern generation. Obesity in particular has become a cause for concern following research studies that have revealed that a significant majority of the population might become obese by 2020.

Back in 2014, a study showed that about 36% of adults 20 years and above was obese as well as 17% of children. Diet and sedentary lifestyles have been blamed for the growing number of obese people and while there are various ways to go about preventing or managing the condition, most still struggle with obesity.

Is this political? Definitely. The lack of political will in this country to take concrete efforts to solve the obesity epidemic in the country is appalling. But in the meantime, as individuals, there are things we can do to make sure we don’

Most people acknowledge that weight management can be accomplished only though cautious dieting and regular exercise. Since obesity is caused by food and lifestyle, it can only be fought and eliminated through the same. Here is a look at some of the ways to fight obesity and maintain a healthy weight:

4 Ways to Fight Obesity and Maintain A Healthy Weight

a) Add whey protein to your diet

According to recent research studies, a diet high in protein can help prevent obesity and result in healthy weight management. Proteins contain phenylalanine that has been shown to significantly suppress appetite. This compound mainly affects the release of appetite-releasing hormones thus resulting in long hours of feeling full after meals. This does not only eliminate cravings, but also reduces the portion of food you eat.

Whey protein forms 30% of the protein found in milk, with the other 70% being casein. Whey is also a by-product of cheese making. It is basically the protein left after milk is curdled and strained. It is healthier than other protein forms and has many health benefits including weight management, bodybuilding and diabetes management. You can replace your proteins with whey or even use concentrates to help keep you full and reduce the portion of food you consume every day. If you’re looking for a value for money source of whey protein supplements, look no further than The Protein Investor.

b) Establish a routine exercise program

This might be a no brainer, but is still very important. Healthy weight is a balance between how much you consume and use up (burn). If you eat more calories than you burn, the extra will be stored in form of fat and eventually this leads to obesity. If you eat fewer calories, it may result in various health problems and reduced energy among other issues.

However, you may want to burn more calories every day if you are obese to initiate weight loss in your strive to achieve a healthy weight. Simple activities such as walking and jogging may burn some calories, but this is usually insufficient for obese people. To lose significant weight that can kick-start your road back to healthy weight, it is important to establish a workout routine. You do not necessarily need to spend hours in the gym unless you want quick results (in which case you will need to strain your muscles).

You can start by simply exercises such as jogging and 20 minutes lifting weights, squatting or performing any achievable workout that can help you burn more calories. The trick is to make workout part of your routine and burn more calories every week. In a few days, you will graduate to better workouts and maneuvers that will eventually help you lose more weight.

c) Carefully pick and plan your meals and food

As aforementioned, obesity is a diet and lifestyle related problem and nothing fixes it more efficiently than establishing a healthy diet. Your meal plan will dictate how much weight you gain or lose over the long haul. The debate over which food items to eat is one that has been around for years. Most people have an idea of what foods to avoid.

However, it is more important to know what foods to eat for a balanced diet that supports other weight loss efforts. Simply find a comprehensive list of the foods to eat and those to avoid as well as small recipe adjustment and replacements that can help you consume fewer calories. As a general rule of thumb, weight loss involves eating more fruits and greens while avoiding carbs, processed foods/ingredients and some fats. Carbs are still important for balanced diet and health so it is important to find out what carbs and portions to avoid.


In order to fight obesity, you will need to conduct an honest evaluation of your diet and lifestyle to help you understand how you ended up gaining that weight. Once you know what caused the current situation, you can work your way into a better outcome without sacrificing a lot. Nonetheless, it will involve careful meal planning and more exercises to gain a lean body.